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Are you still living in the
cardboard box age?

Buying flimsy, flat cardboard boxes that
you need to fold into shape, tape
the bottoms, tape the tops and the
sides, then cut them open and
of course deal with storing or disposing of them?
Cardboard boxes are a thing of the past
– try renting our stackable plastic moving
boxes instead for secure and safe transportation.

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Absolutely nothing stacks up
against Boomerang Box.

Boomerang Boxes are simply the best advance
in packing since moving began.
That's because everything
about them - and we do mean every
single thing - is better than
cardboard boxes. They’re super sturdy
ready-made, really cheap, very green,
lidded plastic packing boxes that you
can stack up to 5 high,
and you will never need packing tape, ever!

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We guarantee the best
packing and moving experience,
or your money back!

Plastic moving boxes that you rent, not buy,
for your move. We even deliver your boxes
direct to you. You can pack,
move, then unpack; and when you’re
done we’ll pick them up and
take them away for you

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The green way to move!

Did you know that our moving boxes can
be used as many as 400 times before
they get recycled? Single-use cardboard
boxes are a thing of the past!
Help save the planet today by opting
for these environmentally-friendly packing
boxes. And while you're at it, save yourself money,
time and effort too!
Whats not to love about Boomerang Box?

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If you don't enjoy using your Boomerang Boxes,
and they are not the most convenient way of packing
and moving your stuff, then we'll refund your entire purchase

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"Your boxes are amazing and provide an excellent packing experience and solution!”

“I've already told several of my friends about the concept as I think it's fantastic!"

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